Silk Road Collection
The Mediterranean

Pot(Black Painted Krater)

  • The Mediterranean
  • Athens, Greece
  • 450-440 BC
  • The Classic Period
  • pottery
  • 35.5cm in height

The krater is painted with a picture of the confrontation between a young man who wears a shawl, carries a sun hat on his back, and hold a long-barrelled gun and a man with beard who holds a scepter and sits on the throne. The man tilted the glass and poured the wine onto the ground to finish the ceremony. It seems to be the time of departure. On the other side of the krater is a picture of a woman running towards them with a pot in her hands. This piece of work was made in the heyday of the classic period. The Parthenon Temple was built in the mid 5th century B.C., the golden era of ancient Greece.