Silk Road Collection
South Asia

Red Cloth of Gold with Decorative Patterns

  • South Asia
  • The Coromandel Coast, Southeastern India
  • from the 18th to the 19th centuries
  • The Mughal Empire
  • cotton, gold
  • 274.0cm in width  97.0cm in length

The "Siam cloth with flower patterns" for India's export makes the Japanese feel good. India has been accepting orders from Siam (Thailand) since the 17th century in designing and producing cloth according to their preferences. The place of production is mostly the Coromandel Coast, especially the exquisitely made cloth of gold like this one that is used for decoration in the palace. This kind of flower cloth has been introduced into Japan since the Azuchi-Momoyama period, especially as a cloth used for wrapping tea sets.