Silk Road Collection
Central Asia

Cloth of Gold with Decorative Patterns of Weed

  • Central Asia
  • The Coromandel Coast, Southeastern India
  • The 18th century
  • The Mughal Empire
  • cotton, gold
  • 29.0cm in width 186.0cm in length

Cloth of gold was used in sacrificial ceremonies in India and Indonesia, i.e. on kapok-dyed flower cloth, decorated with gold and silver foil, mud or cut gold. The cloth is well-known all over the world. It is also used in the clothes of Indian princes and decorative objects of Hinduism. This work is hand-dyed gorgeous vine-grass pattern golden cloth, which is part of the border of the large-scale cloth made by southeastern India, Ebony Coast, and Chennai, which produced the highest level of cloth at that time. Gold foil is processed along the outline of the patterns.