Silk Road Collection

Fragments of core-formed bottles (3pcs.)

  • Egypt
  • 15th-14th century BC
  • New Kingdom (18th Dynasty)
  • glass
  • H2.0×W3.7cm

These are fragments of a core-formed glass bottle for perfumed oil from the 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom of Egypt. Most of the fragments have a dark blue base color, and they are decorated with feathery and wavy designs made of white, yellow and aqua-colored glass. Because they are fragments, there are traces of clay and other materials on the reverse side which formed the core during the bottle's production. In the 15th century BC, Egypt expanded its power in West Asia through the military campaigns of Thutmose III, and the Kingdom of Mittani where glass production flourished came under Egypt's rule. It is said that the rapid development of ancient Egyptian glass technology during the 18th dynasty occurred through the efforts of glass artisans brought in from Mittani.