Hirayama Ikuo Painting Work

Murals in the Horyuji Temple The 6th Mural of Avalokitesvara

  • Hirayama Ikuo
  • 1991
  • Water color
  • 31.5×24.0cm

Murals of Kond_ in H_ry_-ji.When returned home from the copying work in Turkey, Hirayama Ikuo participated in the copying work of representing the murals of Kond_ in H_ry_-ji the next year. Under the instruction of Professor Maeda, Hirayama was in charge of the copying work of "Guanyin Bodhisattva statue" on the third wall by himself, and he needs to finish the job at his home in Itabashi City. The only reference of the statue was the pictures that were taken before the war, and the condition of the pictures was worse than it was thought to be. Even with great effort, he could only complete about 10 centimeters copying the whole day, and progress was very slow. No matter being asleep or awake, the images of the wall occupied his mind, and when the deadline is approaching, he had no time for meals and had rice balls when painting. He gradually realized the expression of ancient beauty that he had not noticed before, and deeply indulged in it during the process of copying.