Hirayama Ikuo Painting Work

The gate of the Arts School of Tokyo

  • Hirayama Ikuo
  • 1991
  • Water color
  • 31.5×24.0cm

Forest of Freedom. In the art school in Ueno,the scene of refugee camps could also been seen, but in the midst of the ruins, there is a passion for creation. Under the chairmanship of Professor Yasuda Yukihiko and Professor Kobayashi Kokei, the Japanese Painting has defined "free depiction" as its guiding principle.But even if they can paint whatever they want, for beginners who have never seen Japanese paintings before entering school, they have no clue at all. It was thought that teachers would teach them when they went to school, but even the most basic way to dissolve glue and pigments was only once explained. Though "it is said that we should gain experience through failure", no one knew where to start, so they explore how to paint from scratch. During the process of learning how to use painting tools, they gradually understood how to paint through time, but new problems appeared.