Silk Road Collection
The Mediterranean

Three Facets of Mosaic Tiles

  • The Mediterranean
  • Syria
  • from the 5th to the 6th centuries AD
  • The later period of the Roman Empire
  • marble
  • height: 161.0cm 373.0cm

The mosaic for decorating tiles. In the picture edged with rope patterns, there are bulls, leopards, goats, wolves, horses, and lions. The picture demonstrates the the traditional patterns of fighting between carnivores and herbivores. Beside the bull there is a leopard carrying a snake and running, and there is a little lion beside the female lion. At the feet of animals, birds stroll between flowers and plants in the garden. The background is painted with patterns, and the atmosphere is tranquile. As the decoration of mansions and public buildings in ancient Rome, mosaic tiles were popular throughout the entire Roman Empire, from North Africa to Europe and West Asia, and were later used in the Christian church decoration after the 4th century.