Hirayama Ikuo Painting Work

Abound with Rising Clouds; Vision of Ancient Izumo

  • Hirayama Ikuo
  • 1998
  • Color on Paper (Japanese Style Painting, Nihonga)
  • 171.0×545.4cm

This work is a masterpiece of the series "Out of the Clouds". Located in Shimane Prefecture, it has accumulated clouds since ancient times, forming the atmosphere of a fairyland. With the idea of seeing the wonder, Hirayama Ikuo went to Izumo for several times to find a view for his painting. One morning, he saw the "Moving Clouds" around the Komyoji Temple in Kamocho Daisai, Unnan and wrote about how he felt then in his works. “I saw the moving clouds. I could also see peaks on the top of the clouds. I could not express how I felt when I saw the mysterious sea of clouds. It is the world of myth and fantasy and the magnificent view from the real world. People in ancient times must have thought that there were gods in this beautiful world. I have kept how I felt then until today. I was determined to express my feeling about the mysterious and noble scenery in Japan in my paintings.”