Silk Road Collection
Central Asia

Head of the Statue of Bodhisattva

  • Central Asia
  • Kumutula, China
  • from the 6th to the 7th centuries AD
  • multi-colored plastic soil
  • 20.5cm in height

Using bunched reeds called kamish as a core, the body is made with straw or coarse soil mixed with strips of reeds. It is then painted with a mixture of animal hair and fine soil, finished with chalk or white clay, and applied with color. The hair is typical of Bosatsu of the western region, with the large bunch of hair tied at the top and the hair spreading from the center to both sides. It is was brought back by the first Otani expedition team from Kumtura Caves, which is located near Kizil Caves in the west of Kuqa, a strategic point of the Tenzan Nanro. It has then long existed in the Otani family.