Silk Road Collection
Central Asia

Statue of a Buddha in a Standing Position

  • Central Asia
  • Northwestern Pakistan
  • The 7th century AD
  • Xinġal
  • gold-plated bronze
  • 68.0cm in height

Having the rahotsu style curled hair and long earlobes, it is believed to be a creation of the later era. It is slightly leaning on its left foot and forms the mudra of semui-in with the right hand. With the left hand, it holds the edge of the garmet with the third and fourth finger folded and the palm facing forward. This left hand and the crease below it reminds you of a Buddha statue of the Gupta empire in acient India. The outer garment is worn in hentan-uken style with the right shoulder exposed, while the frontal garment is worn in tsuken style where both shoulders are covered in the form of the letter U.